One Stop Nail

Why Use The Client Armrest? BUY NOW

  • 2 working heights of 4" and 6" attainable by simply flipping the armrest over.
  • Warms and relaxes clients' arms and hands placing in a position readily and easily reachable by nail tech.
  • Warm armrest eliminates crystallizing during application of acrylic.
  • Eases strain on nail techs by ergonomically positioning the physical postures of both client and tech.
  • Does not replace existing table pad (elbows need to rest on them).
  • No more reaching, pulling, or adjusting clients hands.

Filling With Warm Water BUY NOW

  • Fill armrest 1/2 to 3/4 full with warm tap water only.
  • If armrest expands from heat try opening lid and squeezing out some air and re tighten.
  • Very cold hands and work area will cool armrest faster so empty and refill as needed.
  • A fuller armrest moves less on the table and clients hands stay in a good position.
WARNING: Fill with warm water ONLY! Do not exceed 120°!
WARNING: Do not microwave!


Every client's arm length is different so invert and try the 6" height. With the 6" height you will have easy working views of top, sides, and nail thickness. Finish filling and drilling.
To prep and work on thumbs just slide hand off the armrest. If your still feeling tenstion try adjusting client's chair up or down while keeping the nail tech's chair the same height. OR try re-adjusting client's elbows on existing table pad. Both elbows reaching outward or inward.